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04 April | 2024
di Redazione Polin-AC

Our history: a new company with a new product line

There is a new company that is bringing many innovations to the automotive aftermarket. Polin-AC was born from two companies that have been able to bring important proposals and services to the sector in last years: Polin and Aria-C.
Two companies that have combined experience, production strength and technical expertise, with the aim of giving a strong impetus to research, and bringing many valuable innovations to the market.

POLIN-AC officially presented itself at Autopromotec 2017 with a series of high-level technological innovations, which were able to influence developments in the sector in the years to follow. Visitors were able to experience first-hand the technical innovations designed and implemented on air generators, oven booths and preparation areas.

Polin. From tradition to relaunch.

Polin is unanimously recognised as a pioneer of reference in the world of spray booths: in 60 years it has designed, manufactured and installed all kinds of systems for body shops all over the world, at the headquarters of famous car designers and in the factories of prestigious car manufacturers.

A long history characterised by continuous technological research, the study of innovative solutions and their implementation. A company with a cutting-edge production force, thanks to continuous investments in new technologies, in automatic lines, in robotised stations.

In 2014, Polin embarked on a major relaunch plan, focusing on product innovation and creating AirForce, a cabin that was the expression of the best technology on the market. Presented in 2015 at Autopromotec in Bologna, it was an immediate success.

Aria-C. Innovation and tailor-made service.

Aria-C has always stood out for its responsiveness and for being highly innovative, dynamic and flexible. Specialising in ventilation and heating systems of all kinds, it has experienced continuous growth thanks to its ability to design the best solution for the customer’s specific needs, even the most particular ones.

In 10 years, it has saved many customers in Italy and around the world thanks to the development of an energy-efficient generator system.

The birth of Polin-AC

The meeting between the two companies took place within the framework of the AirForce project. Polin was looking for a partner with high-level expertise in heating, ventilation and control systems. It wanted to bring additional technological value to the product it was creating, in order to have a cabin that offered the best results in terms of performance and energy savings.

The collaboration intensified thanks to an affinity of intentions and a common vision regarding the spaces still possible for technological innovation. The idea matured to join forces and start a project that would be an opportunity for both of them to express the great potential available on the market.

The process of creating Polin-AC saw the integration of technical skills, the organisation of the production force, and the structuring of a larger sales network.

Having achieved the goal of having a coordinated structure in all its divisions, in March 2017, the birth of POLIN-AC became official.

The new products

The merging of the two companies has triggered an acceleration in technological research and has resulted in a broadening of the range for every type of customer.

For bodyshops that need to upgrade the ventilation and heating systems of existing cabins, POLIN-AC offers solutions that ensure that the systems comply with standards and are highly energy efficient.

For those who choose instead to install a new booth, the wide range available always allows for the ideal solution according to the customer’s space and production needs: from the small Tetris oven booth, perfect for working on bodywork elements without having to use a traditional booth, to the integrated systems with the latest generation preparation zone and AirForce booth, designed and made to measure.

The future

Polin-AC has put the search for what is new for the bodyshop at the heart of its project. It aims to expand its market influence by focusing on the absolute technological innovations it has already implemented and those it plans to introduce in the coming months.

Strategically, the company can also benefit from being part of the Polin Group, an internationally recognised leader, whose strong expansion strategies provide support and impetus.


Polin-AC storia