Today like yesterday, we deliver to our customers
technology capable of offer high-tech
performance, great productive efficiency, and
maximum optimization of working times,
operating costs
and energy consumptions.

The company organization is focused towards the optimization and coordination of all production departments, with the aim of creating a quality product with the best possible delivery time.
The introduction of the most modern software systems, allows us to check the production flow of the different divisions in a timely and accurate manner. Investments in sophisticated production technology, automatic lines and robotized stations has always been considered a key priority, not only to accelerate the entire production process, but also to guarantee constant overall product quality control.


A blend of experience, and know-how
are for offering innovative solutions
while meeting the specific needs
of every customer and market.

POLIN-AC is the result of a synergy between POLIN, a company that has been producing spray booths since 1940, and ARIA-C, an energy-conscious company which has been designing and producing ventilation and heating system for the automotive refinishing sector since 2005.
POLIN has long been a key reference on the domestic and international markets, appreciated for the high level of quality, innovation and technology that can be found in its spray booths. A blend of experience, professionalism and know-how are at the core of the new company POLIN-AC, which aims at offering innovative solutions while meeting the specific needs of every customer and market. Continuous investment in technologic innovation allowed POLIN to present AIRFORCE, the company’s leading model for technology and aesthetics, to the worldwide market in 2014.
With its flexibility and dynamism, recognized and appreciated by the market, ARIA-C has entered this context with its extensive range of high-performance systems aimed at low energy consumption. The goal of the new company POLIN-AC is to offer energy saving quality products, technologically advanced, designed and created entirely in Italy.