General warranty conditions

POLIN-AC SRL guarantees that the machine is free from defects in quality.

The manufacturer guarantees for:

• 12 months commencing from the date indicated on the commissioning report or, in absence of this, 15 months from the date of shipment;

1. Ambient temperature within the limits foreseen in this manual.
2. Installation carried out in conformity with the indications foreseen in this manual.
3. The norms in the present manual have been entirely observed.
4. Maintenance is carried out regularly.
5. The machine has not been tampered with and all components are original.
6. All repairs have been carried out by authorized personnel.

POLIN-AC SRL is not required to provide warranty upon the occurrence of the following conditions:

1. Use of the machine in ambient conditions different from those indicated in the use and maintenance manual.
2. Failure to comply with the warranty conditions in the use and maintenance manual and anything else indicated in the manual for the exact use and correct maintenance of the machine.
3. Due to force majeure.
4. For irregularities depending on the institutions responsible for the supply of electricity or fuel.
5. Formal functions due to tampering or modifications not authorized by the manufacturer.

The warranty does not cover damage due to weather conditions (ice, rain, hurricanes, etc.), thunderbolts and electrical discharges.

The warranty does not cover components subject to wear and tear due to normal use (signal lamps, fuses, etc.).

For every part that were to be faulty during the warranty period, POLIN-AC SRL will provide free of charge, in its sole discretion, for repair or replacement, in its own premises or at the premises of an authorized company. All eventual additional expenses are in charge of the buyer (transport and delivery charges, technician’ services, hotel and meals).

The buyer has no right to compensation for damage caused by downtime of the machine.

Any dispute shall be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Verona.