Operator interface control panel with soft-touch membrane keyboard allows for the complete control of all functions so as to facilitate and optimize the production flow and the work of the operator.
Provided with a software package completely developed by POLIN-AC, it facilitates the control of all work phases, indicating time, temperature and signaling eventual malfunctions.
Ergonomic design and the user-friendly symbols make it immediately easy to use.


AC Touch is the control panel with 7” color Touch-Screen operator interface. The touch screen is equipped with an easy and intuitive advanced software which gives the operator the possibility to manage all the functions that control the booth in each single working phase.
AC Touch also allows the operator to plan filter replacement and optimize energy consumption thanks to pre-set programs that can be customized by the operator.


The Computerized version of control panel for the complete control of AirForce , with 10” color Touch-Screen operator interface.
The AIRTHERM software is the most sophisticated and allows for the programming of each bake cycle by precisely choosing each parameter so as to obtain the best curing procedure of flash off, baking and cooling according to the paint utilized. AIRTHERM allows all Client Supervision
functions to be managed locally or remotely.