60 mm thick wall panels with mineral wool insulation

The walls are 60 mm thick, thicker than most booths. Thanks to the use of mineral wool, not only fire resistance, but also thermal insulation is improved, with important positive effects on general energy efficiency.

Large tempered glasses on the entry doors

A solution that, apart from the evident aesthetic value, allows for a better field of vision between the inside and outside of the booth, so as to have control of the production phases at a glance.

Strong hinges
on the entry doors

The three fold entry door of the booth is mounted on heavy duty CNC machined aluminum hinges which rotate on ball bearings, for smooth operation and long life (standard on AirForce Avant).

Service door
with push exit

The service door, positioned in accordance to the norms, is equipped with snap-action closure and push exit (optional).

Anti-corrosion galvanized and pre-painted panels

The panels are subjected to a specific treat-ment which guarantees long term durability. The surface undergoes 5 different treatments: hot-dip galvanizing, phosphating, anti-corrosion priming, painting at 240°C and final application of a protective polyethylene film.

Easy replacement and maintenance of the filtering plenum

Replacement of the filters or cleaning of the plenum can be easily carried out by a single operator. The particular coupling system of the filter frame allows it to swing down in vertical position while remaining supported from above.


The reflectors have a large reflecting surface and are available with a choice of fluorescent or LED light tubes.

Galvanized floor grates

The standard grates of the floor are galvanized and extremely sturdy. Higher load capacity grids are available according to the customer’s requests.


Incoming and outgoing air quality is addressed by means of multi pocket filtration systems that contribute to a dust-free environment inside the spray booth and a paint free environment outside. Standard dimensions and ease of replacement are features that are appreciated by all service personnel.

High stability joint between the panels

The panels are constructed in such a way to create a box-like joint when they are coupled together. The entire construction can be rapidly assembled with a system which guarantees solidity, uniformity and high-stability of the booth.